CPT: ISFTA Master Trainer (Also holding various certifications with; ISSA, NASM, NFPT, ACE, and AFFA)

Sports Nutrition Specialist
Certified Health Coach

CrossFit Certifications:CrossFit Level 1, CF Gymnastics, Sports Specific, Endurance (Run & Cycling), Kettlebell 1 & 2, Mobility, Strongman

USAW Level 2 Instructor

Eric J. Stratman, Master Trainer/Nutrition Specialist

Eric Stratman

Owner/Head Coach

He was only a boy of 15 when Nike blasted the airwaves with their now iconic slogan, “Just do it!” No sweeter, or sweatier words, could have been said to this ambitious athlete. Two short years later, at 17, Eric Stratman was a certified personal trainer who, to this day, still possesses the same determination. Eric is not a person who takes a catchy phrase and uses it as a daily platitude. No, he clearly takes the attitude from the most inspirational brand statements of all time and applies it to his daily life, both at work and at home.

From early on, people recognized Eric’s innate ability to teach, guide and motivate others. This aligned perfectly with his goal of helping others attain physical fitness and nutrition goals. Now almost thirty years later, Eric has used his vast knowledge in the fitness and nutrition field to help many attain their personal health goals. He has trained individuals across a broad spectrum from professional athletes to rehab patients, and many functional fitness athletes. With his pleasant communication and effective motivational skills, Eric makes the road to achieving goals a smooth and enjoyable process.

Eric’s experience ranges from personal training to management. He has held management positions at both the Powerhouse Gym and Bally Total Fitness. He has expertise in consulting and assisting with High school and College strength programs. He later owned two successful personal training studios. For 10 years, Eric owned and operated TNL CrossFit, (now CrossFit eXult) catering to all walks of life. From helping individuals lose over 100 lbs., to getting athletes to their peak physical condition, Eric’s passion is reflected in each person he works with.

Married to his beautiful wife, along with their two children, Eric enjoys living his dream every day.

Eric has held over 40 certifications over the past three decades. Also attending various seminars, conferences, and events to continually grow his knowledge.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Pete Schachtler


I am a semi-professional motocross racer. I have been competing since the age of 5. I began my CrossFit journey in 2017. As a Licensed Massage Therapist I have a great knowledge of the body and the way it is supposed to move. I specialize in working with athletes and cupping therapies. Being in a gym setting is really where I thrive the most.


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